July 12, 2018 | Andrew Caudill
Moving day can be stressful on everyone. Regardless of how carefully you plan your move, the
day itself is still filled with activity and unexpected issues which can cause anxiety. If you have
pets, imagine how unsettled they feel as their environment is packed up and taken away?

While nothing can prevent some stress, there are a few tips to make the move easier on your
furry friends.

• Prepare a pet-kit. This should include all the necessities; food, toys, blankets, etc.
• Talk with your vet. In advance, determine if you need a new vet and any specific
concerns they have for your pet. You might even consider a sedative.
• Isolate your pets from the action and keep them safely contained.
• Transport your pets in your own car. While movers often offer pet moving services, try
to keep them with you, if at all possible.
• Remember behavior could change. Keep pets carefully contained while moving. A
scared dog could run away during a potty break, even if this isn’t normal behavior.
• Introduce pets to the home slowly. Allow them to adjust to their new surroundings by
slowly allowing them to move around the home.

Change happens. Help your pets feel secure and safe by shielding them from the craziness and
help them feel secure in their new home.


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