August 16, 2018 | Beth Caudill
The easiest way to modernize a room or home is with paint; color can provide a subtle
backdrop or steal the show. From soft neutrals to vivid brights, here are the 5 most exciting
new colors for 2018.

1. Charcoals – While the soft neutral grays and taupe of the past few years still enjoys
popularity, today’s grays are becoming bolder. Lush earthy grays and even darker
charcoal are popping up in designs for 2018.

2. Blues – Always a popular color for paint, modern blues include soft elements of gray and
brown, adding dimension.

3. Sage – Another color which incorporates gray tones of contemporary style is sage. Far
from the old avocado of the 70s, sage is a delicate neutral which serves as a great
backdrop for today’s home.

4. Brights – The accent wall is back in style. Vibrant red, rich purple and mustard yellow
are just a few of the newest shades showing up in model homes. Carefully added as
accent walls or nooks, these colors add energy and interest to rooms.

5. Blush – This is not your grandmother’s pink. Blush paint tones are delicate blends of
pinks, grays and taupe to accentuate the natural light of the room.

Every year, home designers embrace new colors intended to update the feel of the home; a
simple way to update your home, over the weekend.


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