March 7, 2018 | Anthony Kirchenbauer
How do you know which is better? Do you need more space in the home or can you deal with a smaller space if it’s in the perfect location? These are two questions that home buyers for generations have been asking themselves. While you want the perfect, ideal location, you also need to make sure there’s enough space for your family to live and enjoy the home itself.
There are a few factors to consider. Is the location somewhere you truly want to be even if the home is smaller? If the home is smaller, this could help you to maximize your home budget by having lower energy bills and less upkeep. Consider your size plans. Do you really need that extra bedroom, or would it have just been a bonus? Consider the resale value as well. If you’re wanting to make an investment in a home, you have to consider all the factors a new home buyer would when you go to resale the home.


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