March 7, 2018 | Billy Roussel
When you’re considering buying a home versus renting, there are many benefits you may not have thought of. While there are good things about renting, buying a home also comes with a variety of benefits that many people overlook. Here are a few to keep in mind.
Buying a home allows you to make changes to wall colors, remodeling, and other improvements to the home that are not allowed if you rent. Buying a home also means that the interest you pay on your mortgage loan is a tax deduction come tax time. When you buy a home instead of renting, you can feel secure and like you have “roots” instead of feeling in a constant state of unsettled.
Buying a home also means that you can make an investment in a property instead of just paying your landlord’s mortgage for them. While renting is a good way to live if you need flexibility or haven’t found where you want to settle, buying a home can produce many benefits to those who are able.


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